What is HR?
HR or Human Resources is the function which controls all people processes. The function covers a number of people related processes whether that be:

Employee relations
Pay and benefits
Employee Development
Talent Management
HR Information systems and databases
HR and Employment Policies

Each one of these areas has become a specialism in its own right over recent years. However, may mainly smaller organisations still have traditional HR structures where one or a few people cover all areas of the discipline. We will look at topics such as what makes a successful HR team as well as topics that relate to areas in the above list of topics. What you can be sure of if you read our blogs is that you will be kept up to date with the latest debate. We will use our extensive experience in the function to bring our own insight into what works best.

If you would like to discuss matters of Human Resources with us, please call Nicci on 07908 875146 or Rob on 07494 161169. We will be happy to discuss how we can support you with your needs.


Change Management at Cornerstone Resources

How and why should I performance manage my team?

Performance Management has always been a tricky thing for organisations to get right. Traditional appraisal processes have relied on formal meetings and the completion of long forms which struggle to genuinely capture the contribution an employee makes to their organisation. Done badly, performance management is less a tool to develop people and more a weapon …

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Sickness absence, Throwing a sickie

Throwing a sickie – a thing of the past?

No doubt you will have seen the recent headlines. The latest CIPD research shows that 86% of employers had seen their employees coming in to work ill. This is a shocking increase from 26% back in 2010. Why has it increased? ‘Presenteeism’, as it’s also known, normally happens when employees feel pressure to continue working and …

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Flexible working - Cornerstone Resources HR Consultancy Cheshire

Working from Home – Fan or Critic?

Updated: The Coronavirus outbreak has caused an unprecedented increase in homeworking. Some predict that it has changed the working landscape forever. Click here for more information about your obligations in to employees who are working from home. Original blog As I sit here in my home ‘office’ area, I think about how fortunate I have …

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