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Recruitment: Are you struggling to recruit the talent you need?

According to a recent study, nearly 4 million SME’s (67% of the UK total) are struggling to recruit and retain the talent they need to grow their company. Why is this important? Because it has a direct impact on your bottom line! Skills gaps in your workforce can lead to other employees working inefficiently and also to missed opportunities for growth.

Does this resonate with you? If so contact Cornerstone Resources and we can meet your recruitment needs!

Why recruit with Cornerstone?

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, our relationship with you doesn’t have to stop at the point of hire. If you take out one of our HR outsourcing packages, we can work with you to devise an induction plan that sets your new hire up for success. From then on, we can help you to develop your new hire, improving their engagement.

Recruitment & Induction - Cornerstone Resources

How will we help you with your recruitment needs?

In order to find you the best possible hire, we will need to understand you and the role you are recruiting for. We will do this by ensuring we fully understand the role requirements and how it fits into your organisation. We will also explore the culture of your company and what you are looking for in a new employee.  

Depending on your needs we can then support you with some or all of the following stages

  • Advertising the role
  • Attraction and shortlisting of candidates
  • Conducting interviews and arranging assessment centres
  • Making the offer of employment.

As part of our HR outsourcing packages, we can also set up contracts and help you induct your new employee. So don’t take a risk with your recruitment, let us source the talent you need.

Apprenticeship recruitment

We’ve helped businesses recruit apprentices or train their existing teams using the apprentice levy. For more information, click here.

Who are Cornerstone Resources?

Based in South Manchester, Cornerstone Resources offer a complete HR service to businesses, charities and churches. With over 40 years combined experience in HR, we can offer you an enviable combination of professional expertise and a service based on integrity and honesty. Best of all, we can save you time and money. 

For more information on our offering, including cost effective Outsourced HR support, click here. For a no obligation quote, call Nicci today on 07908 875146 or Rob on 07494 161169. Alternatively, click the below button to email us and we will come back to you.

How we work


We will always complete our work to the best of our ability even if it costs us to do so.


We will be open and honest with you and will challenge a proposed course of action when we don’t believe it to be the best solution.

Value adding

We will look to not just meet your immediate needs but to add long term value to your organisation.

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