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HR is our area of expertise but we recognise that every organisation needs more to keep it running efficiently! For this reason, we’ve partnered with quality organisations who are leaders in their field to bring you a joined up offering. We are passionate about making your life easier and therefore we are looking at more ways that we can provide a one stop shop so that you only have to send information once!

You can read more about our partners below but feel free to talk to us to understand how working together can help you become more efficient.

HR Administration

Our Partners - Breathe HR

Tired of boring HR administration? Breathe have an excellent cost effective HR system that is designed for SME’s. It covers everything from booking holidays to recruitment and performance management and is fully GDPR complaint. You can also download payroll reports to send to your provider.

Even better, if you are a charity, you can get 50% off for life! Click here for more information on how Breathe can help your organisation save time and money!


We partner with Hireful, a leading recruitment company, to ensure that you have access to affordable recruitment solutions. If you take out Breathe HR, then Hireful integrates seemlessly taking your new hire and creating a new profile in Breathe.


Our partners - improve

We’ve partnered with Improve to provide a comprehensive and affordable e-learning strategy for businesses of all sizes. 

Improve also integrates with Breathe, allowing you to create accurate training records in the employees profile.

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How we work


We will always complete our work to the best of our ability even if it costs us to do so.


We will be open and honest with you and will challenge a proposed course of action when we don’t believe it to be the best solution.

Value adding

We will look to not just meet your immediate needs but to add long term value to your organisation.

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