hr health check

Why do I need an HR Health Check?

If you are not sure what basic employee documentation, policies and procedures you should have in place then it may be worth spending a few minutes of your time completing our HR Health Check.  Some obligations start from the moment you hire your first employee so it is better to be prepared than to find out what you don’t have when it’s too late! 

Our HR Health Check comes in two parts. First of all there is the 10 question survey which is available by clicking the below image. This will give you a rough guide to areas you may need to improve on. The real value comes by booking a free 30 minute session with one of our consultants. By going into more detail, we can ensure that your HR processes are in good shape. So rather than risk an expensive Employee Tribunal, why not book a call with us today?

What areas does the HR Health Check cover?

We will identify any gaps you have in the following areas:

We will give you a basic overview of the findings after the call has taken place. 

What happens after the HR Health Check?

That’s completely up to you! Taking the HR Health Check leaves no obligation to purchase services from us. However, we think you will like the solutions we offer you. From there, you can choose to buy either one off support or our Outsourced HR packages. If you do choose to take one of our packages, we will give you a detailed overview of what action points need to be taken. We will then start to work through the action points in order of priority.

How do I book an HR Health Check?

Call Rob on 07494 161169 or Nicci on 07908 875146 to book a call. Alternatively, email us by clicking the below button.

How we work


We will always complete our work to the best of our ability even if it costs us to do so.


We will be open and honest with you and will challenge a proposed course of action when we don’t believe it to be the best solution.

Value adding

We will look to not just meet your immediate needs but to add long term value to your organisation.

Book your hr health check now!