Free HR downloads and templates

Free HR Downloads and Templates

At Cornerstone Resources, we recognise that time and money are precious commodities. That’s why we have created some free HR downloads and templates for you to use! 

Forms, templates, letters and how to guides are important tools in any manager’s arsenal. We will be producing a comprehensive catalogue of documents to deal with all types of HR activities in the coming months. 

We will be adding to these resources regularly so please keep visiting this page if you need further documents or templates. You can email us at [email protected] if there are other documents that you need and would like us to make available.

If you’d like to access our full set of policies and documents, then please visit our Outsourced HR Support and our Project Support pages for further details. We can create employee handbooks or individual policies to suit your needs. We are also able to support one off employee issues (grievances, disciplinaries etc.). This can either be as an HR advisor or chairing the meetings themselves.

Free HR download pages

We’ve categorised our free HR downloads into 5 sections. Click on the below flip boxes to access each section and to download the templates. 

If you have any questions about the information you have read here or you need further advice, contact Rob on 07494 161169 or Nicci on 07908 875146. Alternatively email the office at [email protected] As we are experienced HR professionals, we can help you with all your HR needs.

Good Work Plan

Good Work Plan

Free HR download - The Good Work Plan

The Good Work Plan became law in April 2020. It is a wide ranging piece of legislation affecting contracts of employment, zero hours and agency contracts and much more. Click here to access more information on the Good Work Plan.
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How do I manage absence. Statutory Sick Pay. SSP.

Sickness absence

Free HR downloads - Sickness Absence

Click here for free HR downloads related to the management of sickness absence
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Recruitment, recruiting, candidate selection, assessment


How do you go about recruiting new staff?

Free HR download - Recruitment

Click here to access our free PDF guides which will give you tips on how to improve your interviewing process.
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Free HR downloads - calculators

HR Calculators

Free HR downloads - HR Calculators

Click here for free HR calculator downloads. Out calculators cover annual leave processes and are excel based.
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free hr downloads - forms and templates

Free HR download - forms and templates

Free HR download - Forms and templates

Here you will find useful HR forms and templates that you can use with your teams. These forms and templates can help you to gather useful data that will enable you to address organisational issues.
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Flexible working

Home working during the outbreak

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We recently delivered a webinar on home working during the Coronavirus outbreak. You can download the slides here.
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All of our free HR downloads and templates are for you to customise and use at your own risk. If you do customise the calculators and they no longer work, Cornerstone Resources are not responsible for resolving any errors.

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