Training and E-learning

Looking for a cost effective way to bring Corporate standard training to your team? We’ve got the solution! By partnering with leading provider, Improve On-Line, we can provide a cutting edge e-learning platform from just £30 a month! E-learning is a great way of upskilling your team, especially during Covid restrictions.  

Training and e-learning

What e-learning options are there with Improve?

Improve have over 50 courses pre-loaded into their system. These e-learning modules include Beginners to Advanced training in Microsoft Office applications, Health & Safety tutorials as well as annual refresher training on items such as Anti-Money laundering. 

You can choose to enrol different groups in courses most appropriate for them. So you can enrol your employees onto courses that are most appropriate for them.

For instance, managers could be enrolled on courses advising them on general knowledge courses like MS Office but also have managerial training such as effective performance management. Employees who have no line management responsibility would only see courses relevant to them.

Uploading your own materials

Improve on-line is a completely flexible e-learning platform. So if you have specific courses that you want your employees to see, it can be uploaded with ease. 

For instance if you want to ensure that all your employees understand the products or services you deliver, you could upload a corporate video.

Tracking mandatory training

Training and e-learning

If you are required to deliver annual training, Improve on-line can track whether your employees are completing the courses. This will help you identify non-compliance so that you can prompt employees accurately.

Improve also has a direct link into the Breathe HR system so it will automatically update training records if you take out a Breathe package through us.

Want to find out more about e-learning?

Contact Nicci on 07908 875146 or Rob on 07494 161169 to find out more about the Improve e-learning system. To find out more about how we can help you improve your HR practices, why not arrange a free consultation? You can book appointments with us via the blue button or by clicking here.