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Why do I need coaching and mentoring support?

When employees are promoted to managerial roles, they often are selected because of their functional expertise and not because they are natural leaders. Too often, leaders and managers do not receive specific support on how to lead teams but are expected to thrive. This is unrealistic and the impact of poor management can be devastating on the effectiveness of their teams. If this sounds familiar why not take advantage of our coaching and mentoring programmes! We have the expertise to help drive organisational performance through effective management development. So if you are struggling in this area, we can help you.

Coaching and Mentoring


Quality coaching of managers and employees can deliver significantly enhance organisational performance. We can provide training programmes that will improve your managers skills and knowledge. Why do you need this? Read our post which explores the real cost of poor management.

Whether you need help with a particular problem or need support with one of your employees or volunteers, we can help. You may want to work out how to best organise your workload or learn a particular skill. Whatever you need we have significant experience of coaching managers and have a track record of delivering results.


A 1:1 mentoring relationship, when it works well, can be instrumental in helping an employee to develop their career to the next level. We can work with you to design, set up and introduce mentoring schemes, helping your people to encourage and help each other.

If you need individual support or support for your management team, contact us today. Call Nicci on 07908 875146 or complete the below form and we will come back to you.

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I got in touch with Nicci at Cornerstone as she was recommended by my employer. At the the time I needed to make a difficult and life-changing decision and was struggling to see my choices clearly. Nicci was an excellent coach-listened to me carefully and asked exactly the right questions. She was easy to talk to and I would highly recommend both her and Cornerstone to anyone in a similar situation
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