Employee benefits

Why are employee benefits important?
The provision of employee benefits is important for all organisations. In an increasingly tight employment market, a varied and flexible set of benefits is a useful recruitment and retention tool. It’s one of the ways that employers can truly distinguish themselves from competitors.
What is the most important benefit?
The most important benefit is the provision of retirement benefits. Not only is this the biggest cost for employers but increasingly, employers feel obliged to care for their employers beyond employment. Pensions are obviously now a mandatory benefit when you employ your first worker and with contributions at 9% (including tax relief), it’s a sizeable sum. It’s therefore wise to invest this carefully.

In today’s multi-generational workforce, it is important to not just provide one size fits all employee benefits. The differing needs of each generation requires a flexible approach.

For instance, enhanced retirement benefits, flexible working, life assurance and retirement planning may be more suited to workers who are nearing retirement than they will be for those just entering the workforce.

Conversely, benefits that enhance take home pay, such as voluntary benefit portals, debt consolidation offerings etc may be more popular for employees who are just starting their careers.

By maximising choice, both can be accommodated. This can increase the administrative burden but will pay dividends.

Posts in the this section will concentrate on what is changing in the market. We also focus on how organisations can leverage employee benefits to improve retention and engagement in their workforce.

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