What is leadership?
In the leadership category, you will find insightful information relating to the art of leadership. This may be anything from inspirational stories of how people lead their business. Included here are stories of exceptional growth, where an individual has taken their company on an incredible journey of expansion. It may also look into how an inspirational leader can motivate others to achieve.

We will also explore what it takes to be a leader. What competencies do they display? What can we learn from that? Are leaders born or are they developed over time?

Continuing from that theme, we will look into what you can do to become a successful leader. How does leadership differ from management? Do you need to be both when you are running a small business? Does it matter if you are a manager rather than a leader? If you are, can bringing other people with specific skills that you lack make up the difference?

As leaders of our own small business, we will also share stories of our own battle to move from being a manager in a corporate environment to a small business owner. How have we adapted to the challenge? What can we share of our journey to help others on a similar pathway?

We hope you enjoy our blogs on leadership. However, if you need some more information on how are coaching and mentoring offer can help you become a better leader, contact Nicci on 07908 875146. We look forward to hearing from you!

Small business owners

What will the UK General Election mean for small business owners?

Anyone else sick of the general election campaign yet? Whatever your political views in general, there’s clear daylight between Labour and the Conservatives on how they will treat small businesses. As we are in the gap between Small Business Saturday in the US (30th November) and the UK (7th December), I thought I’d summarise the …

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