Recruitment and Talent Attraction
Our blogs on recruitment look at the best way of attracting talent. This covers the entire talent attraction cycle from identifying whether there is the need to recruit a position to the induction of a new employee.
Identifying the need to recruit
Once you have identified that you need a new hire, it is important to look at how the role fits in to the rest of your organisation. If you are replacing a role, do you need a like for like skill set? Or is this an opportunity to redefine roles and do something different? How does the new hire impact other roles? In growing organisations, it might be that some roles need to be split out so that certain tasks move from existing employees to a new employee. So talent attraction strategies here should mix with organisational development work.
Recruitment assessment methods
We will also look at what selection methods should be used. Do some methods work better with certain roles? How many selection methods should you use in a recruitment exercise.
Finding the right candidate
What should you look for in a candidate and where should you advertise? How do you ensure that you are setting a candidate up for success?

Recruitment will be one of the most expensive tasks you will complete with your people. The cost of a bad hire has been costed at over £30k per hire! For this reason it is important that you get it right first time as often as you can. Read our blogs for more information about how you can improve your chances of having a successful hire.


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