Flexible working

What is Flexible working?
Flexible working is the practice of offering flexibility in working patterns and locations. It is in an increasingly common and important part of business practice and should be encouraged. Why? Because employees who are allowed to work flexibly typically perform better than those who are expected to work 9-5 in an office. Flexible working tends to fit better around life’s issues, whether the employee has caring requirements or just wants time to themselves.
What types of flexible working arrangements are there?
Types of arrangements include:

Part time working
Term time working
Different start/finish times
Compressed hours

Blogs in this category will look at developments in this area and how organisations are reacting to those trends. We will also give you advice on how to fairly consider employee’s requests. What happens when more than one employee requests leave?
Although it is good to accept requests where possible, we will also look at  the reasons you can use to fairly decline a request. We will also examine the right to appeal. Finally we will look at how many requests an employee is allowed to make over a 12 month period.

Where you do decide to approve a request, we will look at the benefits of implementing a trial period and what you can do if it isn’t working.

If regular homeworking is agreed, we will also look at the legal requirements an organisation has to provide for their homeworker. This includes proper equipment, DSE testing and the impact on an employee’s insurance.

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