Help for Thomas Cook Employees

Help for Thomas Cook employees

We are here to help

We were saddened by the collapse of one of the UK’s most well loved companies at the weekend. The loss of Thomas Cook is something that is felt deeply by us all, even those who’ve never flown with them. Our co-founder, Rob, completed a contract with Thomas Cook Airlines in 2014 and remembers life in the Hangar with a degree of fondness. 

I remember having my first meeting in the cockpit of a 737, it brought out the kid in me. Just walking through the Hangar and seeing all the planes in for maintenance was exhilarating. The time I had at TCX was one that will live long in the memory and I'm so sad to see all those dedicated staff facing an uncertain future. That's why I want to provide help for Thomas Cook employees.

How can we help you?

We’ve pulled together a team of Executive Coaches and HR professionals from across the North West who are offering their time on a pro-bono basis to provide help for Thomas Cook employees.

The team can offer one2one and group coaching which can be used for:

  • Identify transferable skills

  • Explore current career options

  • Explore current priorities

  • Prepare for an interview

  • Prepare a CV

  • Create a short/long term plan

Who is the support open to?

As there are other support groups around the country, we are primarily looking to support TCX employees based at Manchester Airport and the surrounding branch network. However, we are looking at putting on some webinars with general recruitment advice which can be accessed by anyone.

What would help us is if we know what you would value most so your feedback is key.

How do I register?

Please visit and fill in the short form. This will help us to ensure that you are getting the best advice possible based on your needs.

We're on your side

We are all giving our time free of charge because we care. We haven’t been brought in by the liquidators so our sole interest is helping you to move on. We’ve been through redundancy situations ourselves so we have an idea about how you are feeling so even if you just want a chat, register today and we’ll be in touch.

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