Cornerstone Resources Human Resources Consultancy have moved!

18 months after we launched Cornerstone Resources Human Resources Consultancy, we are delighted to announce we’ve moved into our new office! Read below for more information about our journey so far…

Cornerstone Resources Human Resources Consultancy

After spending more than a combined 40 years in HR for different businesses in different sectors, in 2017 we felt it was the right time to set up on our own. The result, in January 2018, was the launch of Cornerstone Resources Human Resources Consultancy.  Our core aim is to provide the kind of support that larger organisations benefit from to local small business and charities. We recognise that flexibility is key for our customers and therefore we have created a range of one-off and outsourced HR packages that allow customers to carry forward time from one month to the next.

As a husband and wife team, we wanted to make sure that we planned this business launch carefully. After all, the mortgage payments depended on it! We therefore planned that Nicci would start the business in early 2018 and that she would look to grow our network and start building the business. We had a goal that we’d both be working full time for Cornerstone by early – mid 2019.

All this seemed a long way off after a difficult first 12 months but 2019 has seen a lot of the early networking come to fruition. Our first major goal was achieved in April 2019 when Rob was able to join the business full time. Whilst this was scary, putting all our eggs firmly in one basket, it also enabled us to expand more rapidly. We are delighted that we’ve now reached the point where we’ve been able to move into our first office in Hazel Grove. This is a major milestone for us as we have wanted a place to meet clients and also to get off the dining room table!

Whilst this has been a major financial commitment for us, we believe it will provide us with a springboard for further growth. The fact that our chosen office space at Ourworx was available on just a 6-month lease made this an easy decision to make.

The move is already paying dividends. By being based in Greater Manchester for the first time, we’ve now been able to partner with organisations that we met at the Stockport Business Expo. We plan to further build these relationships over the next few months and the fact that we now have a professional meeting space will help create the right first impression with our customers.

Cornerstone Resources new office

So, if you are a small business and are operating out of your home, be encouraged. There are options open to you that are low risk and can seriously improve your working environment. If you’d like to keep up with our journey, you can follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or click here for our full range of services.