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What support can you get from an HR Consultant?

So you’ve identified that there’s a need to partner with an HR Consultant. Given everything you need to know about Employment Law and everything you need to comply with, it’s difficult to do that on your own. So what support can you get from an HR Consultant? Well to be honest, it will vary significantly. With some consultancies you are buying unlimited helpline services so its more of an insurance policy in case something goes wrong. But is HR just about protection? We believe there is so much more to HR than fire fighting issues as they arise. That’s why our Outsourced HR packages allow you to flexibly decide what support you need. You buy actual HR time from skilled and experienced consultants.  So what support can you get from an HR Consultant? It will vary significantly from provider to provider!

Plan and prioritise

The first thing we at Cornerstone Resources can help you with is working out where you currently are. What needs immediate attention? We will then start to deliver against those objectives. We operate flexibly; once you have agreed an outsourced package with us, we allow you to flex time from one month to the next. So typically, we will work immediately to improve your current position even if that means we have to ‘borrow’ hours from future months to do it! If it’s going to take a lot of time to complete certain tasks, we will talk to you to work out the best strategy. Not all HR Consultancies will be that flexible with you so before you select a provider, make sure you know what you are getting as standard and what is only available if you pay additional fees.

What support can I get from an HR Consultant?

So we’ve given you a few things to think about. What actual activities can Cornerstone Resources deliver for you? Our informative website will give you more information, so click here to find out more. We’ve also created the below video to bring it to life.

Who are Cornerstone Resources?

Based in South Manchester, Cornerstone Resources offer a complete HR service to businesses, charities and churches. With over 40 years combined experience in HR, we can offer you an enviable combination of professional expertise and a service based on integrity and honesty. Best of all, we can save you time and money. 

For more information on our offering, including cost effective Outsourced HR support, click here. For a no obligation quote, call Rob on 07494 161169 or Nicci on 07908 875146 or click the below button to email us.

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