How healthy is your HR

How healthy is your HR?

So the days are getting lighter and Spring is definitely in the air So as thoughts move to the new tax year and for many a new financial year, is it also a good time to check whether your HR practices need a Spring Clean? Are your policies in good shape? Is your recruitment successful? Are your managers trained and capable of leading your teams? Not sure where to start? Well why not grab a brew and complete our 2 minute HR Health Check questionnaire?

How does the questionnaire work?

There are just 10 questions to answer so we promise that it won’t be too taxing. Completing it could highlight where you have potential issues or where you are doing ok but could do better still. On completion there is an option to add your contact details so we can talk you through potential areas we could help you with. During the month of April, we are offering a free 30 minute follow up consultation to drill into these issues in more detail.

Won’t this lead to a load of calls and emails?

No. That’s not our style. We won’t clog up your inbox and you’ll only get a call from us if you ask for it. We will give you an honest assessment and then its up to you to decide whether you want our advice and support. 

What should I do next?

Our suggestion is that putting the kettle on is a good start. Then grab your laptop, tablet or phone and complete our HR Health Check questionnaire. The rest is up to you! Click below image to access our HR Health Check

Who are Cornerstone Resources?

Based in South Manchester, Cornerstone Resources offer a complete HR service to businesses, charities and churches. With over 40 years combined experience in HR, we can offer you an enviable combination of professional expertise and a service based on integrity and honesty. Best of all, we can save you time and money. 

For more information on our offering, click here. For a no obligation quote, call us today on 07908 875146 or click the below button to email us.

Access our HR Health Check

Click here for our 2 minute questionnaire.

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