Spreading the word – 6 things we’ve learnt from exhibiting

So we’ve been busy this week at our first exhibition this week and we’ve learned a lot! Here’s a few of the tips that we’ve learned about how we can improve our exhibiting experience.

1. Don’t rely on the free wifi

I came up with what I thought was a great idea, rather than have a paper sign up sheet to get new contacts, let’s ask people to sign up straight on the website! That will save time won’t it? Well it would if the free wifi actually allowed you to log on and the 4G signal wasn’t being used by several thousand other people. Sometimes low tech is a good thing when exhibiting.

 2. Get some gimmicks

Anything that draws people’s attention to your stand is a good thing. Anything that keeps them there is even better! Food is good when exhibiting.

3. Getting people’s attention is hard.

Most people weren’t coming to somewhere like CRE to find an HR Consultancy but we clearly stood out. Many walked straight past us but a few stayed and we had some really good conversations. I believe they will become long term clients.

4. Engage with the other stall holders.

Actually some of the best conversations we had were with other people that were also exhibiting. There’s something about standing on your feet for 12 hours that causes you to bond with others. And just because they are running a stand, doesn’t mean they aren’t potential customers.

5. ROI may be a slow burner.

As I said we had a number of great conversations but the actual payback might take some time. The great thing for us is that we’ve raised our profile, built some partnerships and also enabled us to meet some of our non-local clients. We might not repay our expenses within weeks but we will over time. These last couple of days may propel us forwards.

6. Get a speaking gig if at all possible.

We saw other stall holders get inundated after a seminar they ran. If you can get a short slot to give a message that’s useful for others and will leave them wanting more, then great!

Thanks also to friends who came to see us, your presence was an encouragement. I have a feeling this won’t be our last conference.

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