Keeping candidates informed

Is it important to keep candidates informed?

Is it important to keep candidates informed of their progress?

We’ve all been there. You spend hours completing an application, refining your cv, updating your LinkedIn profile, researching the company you are being interviewed by, attending interviews… And then… Nothing. For days, And weeks. How frustrating is it? So it got me thinking, is it important to keep candidates informed of their progress or has it now become an accepted norm to not do so?

Why don't companies keep candidates informed?

Well simply it comes down to time. Budgets get squeezed, teams slimmed down but the requirements don’t reduce accordingly. Managers look around and think what can we get rid of? Ah yes, lets stop acknowledging applications. Oh and do we really need to tell candidates they were unsuccessful? Surely if we put a statement on our job posts that if you don’t hear within 5 days, you haven’t been selected for interview that will be enough?

Well, maybe. But what happens if a role you thought you could recruit suddenly gets put on hold? The 5 days are up and you haven’t even been able to contact your shortlist. In a tight job market, you may well have lost candidates as they will have moved on to other opportunities.

Even worse still are cases where you’ve attended one and maybe two rounds of interviews and still don’t hear that you are unsuccessful. You are just left to drift… For me, this is unforgivable. Even if you are waiting on your number one candidate to accept the offer you’ve made, not keeping the number two warm makes no sense. What impression does that give of you as an organisation? Why should that person ever want to apply to work for you again? And worse still, would they ever choose you as a prospective customer?

The correct way to recruit

Technology has made it so easy to keep candidates informed. Even if you don’t have a full Applicant Tracking System, its very easy to communicate with your candidates. At Cornerstone Resources, we would rather spend more time on a vacancy than cut corners. Does this sound good to you? Contact us on 07908 875146 to discuss any vacancies that you need help with. Click here for information about the recruitment support we can give your organisation.

Oh and I didn’t even start on whether you should provide feedback…..

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