What’s the cost of presenteeism?

Earlier this year, we looked at the cost of employees being ill but still attending work Click here to view the article. This phenomenon is known as presenteeism. A recent survey by Barnett Waddingham has found that the problem is worsening in the UK. A survey of 3,000 employees found that this issue has tripled since 2010! The implications for UK PLC are huge:

  • 36% of people in the UK are coasting in their career.
  • 55% of workers were positive about their performance.
  • 1/3 feel that no interest is shown in them as a person.
  • 41% of coasters don’t see themselves in their job in 12 months.

Present but not present

So imagine your organisation. For every 100 people who work with you, only 64 are maximising their efforts to help you achieve your organisational goals. So what can be done about this?

It’s not all about the big stick

Clearly, we all have policies in place to help us manage poor performance and at times, it is appropriate to manage an employee out of the organisation but this should be a last resort. Before you get to that, there are many steps that could be taken to help an employee rediscover their mojo:

  • Employee Development. If the employee has stagnated in their role, what other opportunities are there that could help them re-engage? Could they be coached to build skills in a complementary area?
  • Effective management. Do your employees feel that you care about them? Do you actually know what interests your employees or do they think you would replace them at the drop of a hat?
  • Employee Engagement. What can you do to make your organisation a better place to work in? What benefits, or programmes could you put in place to help improve engagement? Do you canvas employee views and actually do something with them? Nothing drains morale like an engagement survey that leads to no changes.
  • Health and wellbeing. Are your employees as healthy as they could be? Could part of the issue be that they aren’t exercising enough or eating well? Looking after yourself can seriously improve productivity.
  • Organisational dysfunction. Are your processes letting you down? Good people are often demoralised by broken processes which mean they can’t get to what they want to do because they are bogged down in admin. Better systems can help good people become great.

What do I do next?

If you think you’ve got a problem with presenteeism (and from this survey most of us probably have), then why not contact us on 07908 875146 to discuss how Cornerstone can help you improve your organisation’s productivity.

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