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Recruitment: How can you find quality candidates?

Last week we looked at the first two stages of the end-to-end recruitment process, specifically focusing on being clear on what your organisation needs and developing a good job description and person specification. This week, we’re looking at the next two stages – how you attract candidates and candidate selection.

1.Where will you find your candidates?

Find quality candidates - recruitment

Are there people within your organisation who may have the experience you are looking for, but may be in a different role at present?  Do you have employees (or volunteers) you can help grow and develop in to the role (and do you have the time to do this)?

You may already know for certain that there isn’t anyone internally who could do the role, so will need to look externally for your applicants.

Firstly, determine what budget you have for advertising and if there’s a specific place and/or location you want to advertise in.

What kind of role is it?  It is very specialist or technical?  What kinds of qualifications does it require?  Are you looking for a school, college or uni leaver or someone who has had some relevant work experience?

Where do people looking for these types of roles go?  Generic online job boards?  Uni / college careers fairs?  Specialist websites or even social media?  Did you know that Facebook has a jobs board and this week Google announced it’s new ‘Google for jobs’ search.

2.How will you select your candidates?

If you have defined your role correctly (see our previous post for more info), you will now be able to complete the candidate selection stage. You will by now have a list of essential skills, experience and qualifications to assess each application against. If the applications aren’t meeting all the essential elements that you have previously defined, are you getting the right people applying? If all the essential elements truly are essential, you may have to revisit point 1 and re-advertise in a different source. Or if you are declaring your salary range on the advertisement, you may need to benchmark to ensure you are paying enough to attract the right people.

If you find that the above points are ok, maybe the people you are looking for don’t exist in the current market? In this case, can you manage without all the skills and maybe give your new hire time to develop those skills on the job?

What is critical is that you don’t get drawn into appointing the wrong person for the role just because you need to ‘fill a seat’. It’s always a better plan to re-advertise than settle for someone who isn’t suitable and just hope for the best! So ensure you have at least 3 candidates to select from who you know have the required experience to fulfil the job requirements.

Do you need some recruitment support?

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