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Inductions – are you setting your staff up for success?

What's the purpose of an induction?

An induction is the process you go through with a new employee when they first start working for you.  The aim is to help them meet the key people they need to know to be able to do their job well (and to feel welcome!), familiarise themselves with the work environment, processes and ways of working and get a feel for the culture of the organisation. This process is also known as onboarding.

The ultimate aim is for the new employee to:

  • feel welcome & start to integrate with the team
  • get a great first impression of you as an organisation (& want to stay with you)
  • feel clearer about the purpose of their role & key objectives

It’s important to invest time in designing an onboarding process, an effective induction can help someone settle in quickly, become more productive and help to reduce the chances of them leaving within the first six months. It also helps to set expectations: employees are clear about what’s expected of them and understand where they fit in the organisation.

Who needs an induction?

All employees and volunteers should be inducted when they join an organisation. A smaller induction may be required if people are moving roles or sites within an organisation.

Where do I start?

The duration and type of induction process will depend on the type of job, the background of the new starter and the type of organisation you have.

It’s not about a one-size-fits-all approach.

From looking round the work environment, talking about the organisation structure, to meeting the team(s) and showing them the all-important place where they can make a coffee / go to the toilet…it all helps to create a positive first impression and make your new starter feel welcome.

What to avoid

The CIPD state the following pitfalls:

  • Providing too much, too soon
  • Pitching information at the wrong level or overselling the job
  • HR rather than local managers providing all the information – it should be a shared process
  • Focuses only on administration and compliance and does not reflect organisational values

How can Cornerstone Resources help me?

We can help design and tailor your induction programmes to ensure they reflect the culture and values of your organisation.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you! To access our recruitment series, please click on the right hand button.








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