How do you really get things done?

Thank you to Torben Rick for this great picture, showing the importance of the culture we create in our workplaces.

The ‘visible’ part of the iceberg shows the things people can see or read about how we say we do things, they may be your policies, how you are structured, the values you have displayed on the walls.

The greater part of the iceberg, or culture, is hidden below the surface: this is the way we actually do things (or the way things have always been done).  It might be that you have a disciplinary policy but in practice you don’t follow it consistently…these negative experiences become stories that your team members tell about how they were treated.

What difference does a positive culture have?

If you create a workplace where team members are fully engaged and feel valued, you will see a difference in your staff turnover (they will want to stay with you), productivity (they will want to do more and better for you), customer satisfaction (your customers will want to stay with you and tell others about you)…resulting in greater profits for your business.

How can culture be changed?

It takes time. A great place to start positively influencing it is by making sure all your team members are treated fairly and are recognised for their contributions and that the way you do business is reflective of the values you say you stand for.

How can Cornerstone Resources help?

We can work with you to build a positive culture, a workplace people want to be part of, want to contribute towards and want to stay. Click here for more information on how we can help.

Want to contact us to chat through. Call Nicci on 07908  875146 or Rob on 07494 161169 for further information and a free initial consultation.

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