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Shred it or keep it?

Slowly, charities and small businesses are becoming increasingly aware of GDPR, the new data protection legislation that comes in to force in May this year.

But do you know what it means for you and your business and how you keep, or securely destroy, personal data?

The first article below, from the Small Business website, talks about a recent survey done with 900 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from across the UK and Ireland, asking them about personal data and what they do with it in the workplace.

It found that only 31 per cent said they were ‘clear’ what personal data means in a business context, with 19 per cent reporting they were not at all clear and 50 per cent answering ‘sort of’.  Just 60.6 per cent of the respondents shred either all documents or all documents containing personal or sensitive information.

What should I keep and what should I shred?

The second article below, from Mark Mason Law, is a handy guide which explains what employee information should be kept and for how long.

It’s so important that charity and small business leaders are not only aware of this new GDPR legislation but also how it affects them.  It’s vital to have an action plan in place and be working towards each of the actions.

I need help!

Here at Cornerstone Resources, we can help you get started by auditing what you have today and working up an action plan with you.

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