Working too hard

Is there such a thing as working too hard?

According to OECD research, the average UK employee works 36.7 hours a week. This is down 0.3 hours a week since 2000. However this figure rises to 42.3 hours a week when just full time employees are taken into account. So whilst Greek employees work the most overall in Europe (and Mexicans win the Global title), the UK has the lengthiest full time working week in Europe. So is there such a thing as working too hard?

Health impact of working too hard

Working a 55-hour week brings with it a risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, says a 2016 research article published in The Lancet. Working long hours can also make you fatter, increase your risk of diabetes and make you depressed.

It can even lead to an early death. A study looking at the health of people who sat for a long time found that they had a nearly 50% increased risk of death from any cause.

Mental health issues cost the UK £100 billion a year according to Mind. So looking after yourself saves money in the long run.

How can I stop working so hard?

If you are a small business owner, the temptation to keep working so hard is enormous. There are so many conflicting things that need to be done. Sales. Marketing. Finance. IT. Logisitics. These and so many other things are clamouring for your attention. What can be done about it?

Don't put yourself under so much pressure.

Does that email really need to be responded too now? Do you really need to deliver that work tomorrow or could it be done next week? Are you the one who needs to do the work or could it be delegated?


Outsourcing may be the answer to working too hard. Ask yourself this, what am I good at? What energises me? Focus on those things and, where budgets allow, outsource the rest. You may not be able to do it all at once but concentrate on the key issues. What would make the biggest difference to your working week? If you are working too hard because of people issues, we can help! If it is IT that is causing you headaches, maybe its time to stop googling your Office 365 issues and get a good technician. Working too hard has health impacts and dulls your effectiveness. 

Who are Cornerstone Resources?

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